Trump Claims National Archives ‘Lost’ Nuclear Secrets But They ‘Don’t Care’

Donald Trump has claimed that the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) “lost” nuclear secrets but that they “don’t care”.

The former president also claimed that NARA had “lost” “massive amounts of information from former presidents”.

Sir. Trump took to Truth Social Sunday morning to say that “NARA has ‘lost’ massive amounts of information from former presidents, including secrets and nukes all over the place, and they don’t care, they only care about going after ‘Trump,'” though we have done everything right under the Presidential Records Act and the Clinton ‘Socks’ case”.

The “Clinton Socks Case” is a reference to interviews President Bill Clinton conducted with author Taylor Branch while in the White House, where tapes of the interviews were at one point kept in a sock drawer, according to a 2007 CBS News story .

Trump also brought up a 2012 story by the investigative non-profit Center for Public Integrity about boxes of classified documents disappearing.

The center noted that an investigation by NARA conducted between 2007 and 2010 found that “more than 1,500 boxes of classified documents have gone missing” at the Washington National Records Center.

“Among the missing records are 81 boxes of documents marked Top Secret, Secret and Restricted Data, among the highest classification categories,” the non-profit wrote more than a decade ago. “They were from the Office of the Secretary of Defense, the Navy, the National Imagery and Mapping Agency, the Department of Energy and other agencies. Restricted data is a special category of data relevant to nuclear weapons.”

The loss of documents was blamed on mismanagement in the records.

Legal experts are increasingly confident that Trump will face criminal charges for hiding thousands of pages of presidential records at Mar-a-Lago.

What erupted into the national conversation with a stunning raid on the president’s home last month is now a deadlocked legal battle between Mr. Trump’s lawyers, the Justice Department and a special master appointed at the request of the former president.

But as with many investigations in recent years, the FBI’s investigation into Mr. Trump has resulted in a steady stream of leaks to the media, which have painted a picture of an investigation that those in the know say is likely already past the stage of proving wrongdoing. The question now is whether the Justice Department decides the case is worth prosecuting, not the strength of the case itself.

That was the conclusion Andrew Weissman, a former attorney general, was tasked with working with special counsel Robert Mueller’s office during the Trump-Russia investigation.

Weissman pointed to recent leaks from the probe: a Washington Post story indicating that one of Mr. Trump’s aides had testified to the FBI about moving boxes of documents on the former president’s orders.

“Between this […] and Alex Cannon’s testimony (to name just two recent developments) Trump’s MAL goose is cooked. As I have often said, the issue is no longer the evidence, but the will of the DOJ,” Mr. Weissman tweeted.

George Conway, a conservative lawyer who supported Trump’s impeachment despite his wife Kellyane Conway’s service as his 2016 campaign manager, agreed.

“It’s like a U.S. attorney trying to do a big mob case against the five families and trying to connect it to the boss, and all of a sudden they get a call from the NYPD saying, ‘Hey, the big boss, the capo,’ loads jewelry on a truck at Kennedy Airport. That’s what happened here. He’s been caught red-handed, Mr. Conway told MSNBC’s Morning Joe on Thursday.

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