Tinder date turns into $3K armed robbery by criminal couple

A possible Tinder date turned into a stickup when a man was robbed of thousands of dollars by an armed couple when he showed up for a date, Arizona police said.

The male victim arrived at an Embassy Suites hotel room last month in Phoenix after he matched with a woman named “Sonya” on the dating app, police said.

But instead of meeting a potential date, the victim was welcomed into the room by the two suspects, Fox 10 reported, citing a police report.

The male suspect, Jose Sandoval Jaquez, pointed a gun at the victim and ordered him to give up his cell phone and other belongings, the police report states.

The man was also forced to hand over his ID cards, pin codes, bank account and social media information.

The suspects then demanded that the man drive them to a nearby Chase Bank before taking off in his car.

Jose Sandoval Jaquez
Jose Sandoval Jaquez pointed a gun at the victim and ordered him to give up his belongings.

“While they were driving his car to the bank, the unknown male continued to have the gun out and give instructions to the victim,” the police report said. “The victim stated that $900 was taken from Chase Bank on September 17th from the drive-thru, and a total of $3,000 had been taken from his account since the initial incident.”

The suspects were identified as Jaquez, 32, and Crystal Hulsey, 33, after authorities said the pair used their real names for the hotel and when they withdrew money from the victim’s account, CBS 5 reported.

The pair used the victim’s car to drive to California and Las Vegas before Vegas police officers tried to pull them over, the station reported. The pair reportedly abandoned the vehicle and fled on foot, somehow getting a ride back to Phoenix.

The victim’s car was reportedly found on September 25 with a gun inside.

Later that week, Phoenix police saw an escort ad online that matched Hulsey’s number and set up a location to meet the woman, according to the report. When Hulsey arrived in a Nissan Rogue with Jaquez driving at the La Quinta Inn, police tried to arrest the couple, but they instead sped away, according to Fox 10.

During the high-speed chase, the pair hijacked the driver of another car and again tried to flee, police said.

Their escape from authorities eventually ended when they collided with another vehicle while on the wrong side of a freeway, Fox 10 reported. They allegedly tried to steal another car, but this time police moved in to arrest them .

In an interview with police, Jaquez said, “he knew this was going to come back to get him,” police said, according to Fox 10.

Hulsey and Jaquez are both charged with assault, armed robbery with a deadly weapon, robbery and two counts of vehicle theft.

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