‘The violence was you’: January 6 rioter who assaulted Michael Fanone sentenced to over 7 years in prison


Kyle Young, one of several rioters who attacked Washington, DC, police officer Michael Fanone during the riot on January 6, 2021, was sentenced to 86 months in prison in the US Capitol on Tuesday.

“On January 6, the violence was you,” Judge Amy Berman Jackson told Young before handing down the sentence, adding that he was a “one man wrecking ball” that day, attacking Fanone “under the swirling banner of a ‘ Blue Lives Matter’ flag.”

In May, Young pleaded guilty to assaulting Fanone, holding his wrist and pulling his arm while the officer was dragged into the mob by other rioters.

Fanone has since left the Metropolitan Police and is now a CNN contributor.

After being pulled from the line of officers, Fanone was then beaten by rioters during one of the most brutal assaults on police protecting the Capitol that day. He was stabbed in the neck and eventually lost consciousness during the attack, where he had begged insurgents for his life and told them he had children.

Young, Jackson said, was the person who handed another rioter the stun gun used to electrocute Fanone. Young then showed the individual how to operate the device.

“You had to teach him to turn it on,” Jackson said, “you armed somebody.”

The person, Daniel Rodriguez, is accused of electrocuting Fanone several times on his neck and has pleaded not guilty.

“I hope one day you will forgive me,” Young, who brought her 16-year-old son with her to the Capitol, told Fanone during the sentencing. “I know you hate me.”

Young told the judge that “whatever you give me as punishment, I accept and I deserve enough.”

During the sentencing, prosecutors played video of Fanone being swallowed into the mass of attackers. “You can hear screams on the video. Scream,” Jackson said of Fanone’s calls to the rioters to stop.

Fanone, speaking at Tuesday’s hearing, asked Jackson to sentence Young to 10 years behind bars and spoke of how he was “violently beaten.” The former officer said he was prevented by Young from grabbing his firearm or radio, which he called his “lifeline.”

“I would have lost my life,” Fanone said, had it not been for others in the mob who pulled him out.

“Mr. Young’s assault on me cost me my career,” Fanone added, before turning to Young and telling him he hoped he suffered during his time in prison.

As Fanone walked back to his seat in the courtroom, a man sitting in the audience called Fanone a “piece of s**t” and was quickly removed from the courtroom by a deputy US marshal.

One of Young’s co-defendants, Albuquerque Head, also pleaded guilty to the assault and will be sentenced in late October.

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