The leader of the Republican Party mocks Fetterman’s, Biden’s speaking skills


Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel on Thursday mocked Lt. Gov. John Fetterman, the Pennsylvania Democratic Senate candidate who is recovering from a stroke, and President Biden, who grew up with a tribe.

McDaniel was interviewed by syndicated radio host Hugh Hewitt about news that Biden and Vice President Harris plan to appear at a political event in Philadelphia on Friday aimed at boosting Fetterman and other Pennsylvania Democrats on the ballot.

“Nobody wants them except a doomed campaign,” Hewitt said, suggesting that Democrats around the country have asked Biden and Harris to stay away.

“I don’t underestimate what the triple toxicity politically of these three can do,” continued Hewitt, a Washington Post contributing columnist. “I hope there are cameras and microphones because you put the three of them together and they could say anything, Ronna.”

“Well, maybe they can get a full sentence out,” McDaniel replied.

McDaniel indicated that she agreed with Hewitt about the undesirability of campaigning with Biden and Harris and speculated that Fetterman was “drawing the short straw.”

“I think all the candidates got together and said, ‘Which one of us is going to campaign with Biden?’ [Fetterman] drew the short straw,” McDaniel said.

She added: “So Biden said, ‘Between the two of us, we might be able to finish a whole sentence.’ “

Fetterman, who suffered a near-fatal stroke in May, is locked in a close race in Pennsylvania with Republican Mehmet Oz, the well-known physician.

During a debate Tuesday night, Fetterman at times stumbled over his words and spoke haltingly.

During a televised appearance Thursday, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) suggested that Fetterman’s performance should give voters pause.

“Even the Democrats on CNN were embarrassed by who their candidate was and the ability to do the job,” McCarthy said. “This is a big job in the Senate.”

McDaniel is not the first prominent Republican to mock someone with a disability. During a 2015 campaign appearance, Donald Trump impersonated a reporter with a congenital joint condition that limits movement in his arms.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign sought to use images of Trump doing it against him in campaign ads.

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