Teenager shot by police officer at McDonald’s remains on life support as questions grow over incident

Erik Cantu, the 17-year-old shot by a police officer in a McDonald’s parking lot in San Antonio, Texas, remains on life support with more surgeries planned, his family said.

Body camera video shows police officer James Brennand walking toward a parked car on Oct. 2. The officer opens the driver’s side door and orders Cantu out of the vehicle. Cantu looks surprised and reverses the car.

About five seconds after opening the door, the officer fires five shots into the car. He then fires five more times as the car drives away.

Brennand, who was with the San Antonio Police Department for less than a year, has been fired over the incident. Once the police investigation is complete, the case will be turned over to the district attorney’s civil rights division before a grand jury decides whether to file charges.

“Nothing that that officer did that night was consistent with our training or our policies,” Police Chief William McManus said.

Brennand was called to McDonald’s for an unrelated disturbance. He told investigators the car looked like one that had eluded him the day before.

Cantu’s friend, George Ramos, said he was shocked by the body camera video.

“It was absolutely heartbreaking,” Ramos said. “When I saw that video, it just made me break down.”

As Cantu fights for his life, his friends and family are praying.

“He has inspired me so much to be a better person,” Ramos said. “He’s also positive and motivated and ambitious and happy. To see him lying there helpless, it’s just so many emotions. I’m just trying to be as strong as I possibly can.”

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