Right-wing protesters try but fail to derail the Women’s March in DC

WASHINGTON, DC— As the Women’s March held its Saturday rally in a park two blocks from the Capitol building, occasional counterdemonstrations caused tempers to flare. A man wearing a red MAGA hat, a right-wing activist wearing a t-shirt with a swastika, and members of the youth group “Students for Life” all at one point enraged many of the thousands of pro-abortion rights activists who gathered. Abortion rights activists quickly tried to drown out hecklers with whistles and bullhorns. Julia Dawson, 81, of Virginia, told The Daily Beast it was “these fuckers,” referring to the “Student for Life” group, which she said was “willfully ignorant” when it came to women’s rights. Elsewhere at the event, the Washington, DC Metropolitan Police Department detained a private security guard carrying a firearm, pepper spray and several knives who served as personal security for right-wing YouTuber Ella Maulding.

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