Plane crashes into power lines in Montgomery County, Md.

Power was knocked out to nearly 90,000 homes and businesses throughout Montgomery County, Md., Sunday night after a small plane crashed into power lines, according to authorities.

Indications were that no one on board the plane was injured, but the crash apparently involved a transmission line in the upper part of the county. A website that tracks outages indicated shortly after 6 p.m. that nearly a quarter of the county was without power.

The crash occurred near Rothbury Drive and Goshen Road, according to Pete Piringer, the county fire and rescue spokesman. The site is located north of Montgomery Village and close to a commercial area.

The cause of the crash was not immediately known. There is a small aircraft runway in upper Montgomery, and it was unclear if the plane was on approach or takeoff. Rainy weather may have lowered operating ceilings.

Photographs of the site show the presence of transmission lines, and the number of outages indicated that the transmission lines were involved.

On its website, Pepco listed power outages, mainly in Montgomery, affecting about 85,000 customers from about as a single customer.

It was not immediately known if or how many of the customers could be served through other transmission lines or cables. It was also unclear how long repairs might be needed.

One estimate suggests the plane may have hit lines as high as 10 stories up. It could not be immediately confirmed.

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