NYC moves migrant tent city to Randall’s Island

The Big Apple will move — and downsize — its first migrant tent city from the Bronx to Randall’s Island because of flooding concerns, according to City Hall.

The city has abandoned the already under construction site on Orchard Beach that would have housed 1,000 migrants and will instead erect tents to accompany half that number on Randall’s Island, Mayor Adams said in a statement Monday evening.

The move was prompted by flooding at the Bronx location after weekend rainstorms. The cost of flood mitigation efforts would be more expensive than the cost of relocation, a City Hall spokesman told The Post.

“New York City Emergency Management determined that … moving the Orchard Beach Humanitarian Response Center to Randall’s Island is the most effective and efficient way forward, and work is underway to make this move,” Adams said in a statement. “This new location is less prone to flooding, is closer to public transport and will provide temporary respite for 500 asylum seekers.”

The initial capacity of 500 adults can be increased, the mayor’s office said.

Tents are being built in a parking lot at Orchard Beach
The tents are being moved due to flooding.

The Randall’s Island location is expected to open in about the same time frame as was planned for the original Orchard Beach location, the mayor added.

“We expect this site to open in roughly the same time frame as the originally planned site, and we continue to build out our capabilities and explore additional sites as we deal with this man-made humanitarian crisis,” Adams said.

Photo of Mayor Eric Adams at a podium
Adams said the city will build tents for 500 migrants on Randall’s Island — half the number planned for the original Orchard Beach site.
Getty Images for Clinton Global

The city is building the tents to temporarily house asylum seekers as they undergo screening before being placed in the city’s shelter system.

Bronxites told The Post last week they were concerned about the tent city originally planned for Orchard Beach and the influx of migrants. They feared it would strain resources in the low-income area and increase local crime.

Some also thought it would take away from the one waterfront park in the Bronx.

Randall’s Island, meanwhile, is home to the men’s shelter. The 520-acre island in the East River is mostly parkland and also houses a stadium, the FDNY Academy and other public resources.

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