Melissa Towne: Tomball mom accused of stabbing 5-year-old daughter had prior CPS history

TOMBALL, Texas (KTRK) — The 5-year-old girl, known as Nichole, is seen in pictures always smiling, but the horror she endured is unimaginable.

Her mother, Melissa Towne, is accused of taking her into the woods at Spring Creek Park on Sunday, slitting her throat with a knife and strangling her.

It was revealed in court that when she realized the knife did not kill Nichole, she strangled her for more than half an hour.

Nichole struggled, and at one point even pleaded with her mother, saying, “I’ve been good.”

The mother replied, “Stop fighting it,” according to records.

Towne then said she sat on top of her daughter, covered her mouth with her hand and placed a trash bag over her head. Deputies say she took her to the hospital because she wanted to get rid of her.

According to records, Towne confessed to killing his daughter because she was “evil and didn’t want anything to do with her anymore.”

According to family members, Nichole’s father had custody of her.

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They sent a statement to Eyewitness News:

“We ask for privacy and respect for Nichole’s father, James, and our family as we all figure out how to grieve her terrible loss and try to figure out how to move forward from here. Nichole has grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins ​​and a father who all loved her dearly and never thought such a tragic event would happen to such an innocent child. She will always have a special place in all of our hearts. We will always remember her as the sweetest little girl who never met a stranger. She was so full of love and giggles and her bright blue eyes shone so full of curiosity. We hope and pray that justice will be served and that the heartless monster that took our sweet girl from us is paying for the innocent life she took.”

Child Protective Services confirmed it is investigating, adding that Towne has a prior history with CPS.

A spokesman said they could not provide further details because CPS investigations are confidential by law.

One of Towne’s old neighbors said he had to call the police several times.

“We always knew she had mental health issues,” Alan Pffar said. “She would pick fights with my mailbox for no reason.”

Pffar added that he even had to set up security cameras because of Towne.

“One time she hit a car,” Pffar said. “I didn’t realize it was hers. She hit it with a baseball bat.”

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Those close to the family tell ABC13 that Nichole and her father lived with her father and stepmother in Magnolia for a time. Neighbors who live on the quiet street said they all took turns caring for Nichole.

“He was asking for help and any time we could, we all wanted to help,” said one neighbor, who wishes to remain anonymous. “He loved her. He was the best father he could be. We all knew something was wrong and she wanted good for her baby. We kept her away and we didn’t want anything to happen to her , so we tried to do the best we could. But I can’t imagine anyone doing that to a child, and when you find out it’s someone you know, and especially a sweet little baby, it breaks your heart.”

According to CPS, Towne has three other children between the ages of 2 and 18. They are safe and live with other family members.

However, Nihcole was her father’s only child.

Relatives said he had custody of her since birth. Amber Bradshaw is Nicole’s aunt and was also her nanny for over a year.

“He lived and breathed for her. When it happened, it broke my heart as much as it did his, just completely broke me,” Bradshaw told ABC13. “She didn’t deserve this.”

Bradshaw ultimately directed anger at his niece’s mother.

“How dare you? What gives you the right to decide when someone lives and when they don’t? Why is that the ultimate. I just wanted to ask her why,” she said.

Towne is charged with capital murder and behind bars on $15 million bail.

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