Man dragged to death at Columbus Circle Station – NBC New York

A man was killed after his clothes got caught in the door of a subway train he was chasing, which then dragged him onto the tracks in Manhattan, police said.

The incident happened just before 5 p.m. on the 1 line at the Columbus Circle station, according to police. When the man held a train door open after riding down the platform of the southbound train, his clothes got stuck in the door. The train began to move, bringing the man with it.

The victim was dragged onto the tracks, after which he was hit by another train, the police said. The man, who has not been identified, died from his injuries.

it was not immediately clear how far the man was from the conductor, who could have opened the doors again, or why the doors themselves did not automatically stay open when he was caught. It’s a situation that many New Yorkers who ride the subway have often at least thought about, if not feared, as it seems to be something that can happen to anyone in a hurry.

As a result of the fatal incident, long delays were also reported along the 1/2/3 lines, the MTA said, but the delays had cleared by the end of the night.

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