Long Island congressman Lee Zeldin says 2 shot outside his home with daughters inside

Two people were shot outside the rep. Lee Zeldin’s (R-NY) Long Island home on Sunday afternoon. The Republican, who is running for governor of New York, said his two teenage daughters were home at the time and that he did not know who was injured, but that both people were hospitalized.

It was not immediately clear whether the shooting had anything to do with the congressman, nor whether it was political in nature.

Zeldin’s 16-year-old twins, Mikayla and Arianna, had been “doing homework” when they heard the shots, he said in a statement published on Twitter. “They heard the shots. Boom! They went upstairs and locked themselves in the bathroom,” said the congressman, who was outside the house. New York Post.

The girls called 911 soon after and were “freaked out” but unharmed, Zeldin said, praising the twins who “acted very quickly and smartly every step of the way.”

The congressman claimed that the two people who were shot were “laying down under my porch and the bushes in front of our porch.”

“Like so many New Yorkers,” he concluded, “crime has literally found its way to our front door.”

The incident comes after the gubernatorial hopeful was attacked at a stop upstate along the campaign trail in July. He spoke at a veterans event in Fairport on his “Unite to Fire [N.Y. Gov. Kathy] Hochul” bus tour when a man climbed onto the stage with what reporters identified as a cat-shaped self-defense keychain and charged him. Zeldin was unharmed.

By focusing his campaign heavily on fighting crime, Zeldin has earned resounding endorsements from the 50,000-member New York Police Conference and New York City’s Sergeants Benevolent Association, which last month called him the best candidate for “precarious times.”

Also in September, Zeldin received a show of support from former Trump strategist Steve Bannon, who took to the conservative social media platform Gettr to call the congressman “the MAGA key to victory.”

Independent polls have shown Gov. Kathy Hochul, the Democratic incumbent, with a slim and swinging lead in the race. She has responded by spending far more than her Republican opponent, losing more than $1.5 million a week on ads since Labor Day, according to Labor Day. New York Times.

Zeldin’s first statewide commercial, “Take Back Our Streets,” aired last month. It contains 13 clips of people being violently attacked, with the sound of muffled screams and gunshots in the background.

“You’re watching actual violent crimes caught on camera in Kathy Hochul’s New York,” says a voiceover on the scene. “And it’s getting a lot worse.”

It turned out not to be entirely true. Of the 13 incidents included in the site, several had been recorded before Hochul’s time in office as governor. And one incident in which an elderly man was assaulted was not traced back to New York, but to Oakland, California.

Zeldin’s campaign acknowledged the California clip and said it would be replaced. “But this whole thing with the clips from when [Hochul] was lieutenant governor, she does not get any kind of free pass,” he added in a statement.

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