Live updates from Georgia Senate: Warnock expected to defeat Walker, expand Dem majority

ABC News congressional correspondent Rachel Scott, reporting from Warnock’s headquarters Tuesday night, said the energy in the room was like a “block party.”

“The music is somehow getting louder, you’ve got a choir singing over my shoulder here,” Scott told “ABC News Live Prime” anchor Linsey Davis.

“People in this room, I can tell you Linsey, they feel very confident,” Scott later reported. “A few moments ago they were saying, ‘We’re almost over the finish line.’ This race is still too close to call. The big picture, yes it’s tight, but the campaign is keeping their eyes on some of those areas … right around Atlanta, where the votes are still being counted right now. They know if they do well there, and the Democratic-leaning areas, they’re going to have a good night.”

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