Kristin Smart murder trial live updates: Paul Flores found guilty of murder

Ruben Flores said he was “relieved” by his not guilty verdict as he left the courthouse Tuesday.

“There was a lot of made up stuff,” Ruben Flores told reporters. “You see it through and there’s no evidence against anyone, me or Paul.”

Asked if he had any comments for Kristin Smart’s family, he said: “I feel bad for them because they didn’t get any answers about what happened to their daughter and we don’t know what happened to their daughter .”

Ruben Flores’ attorney, Harold Mesick, said his client should never have been charged and that the verdict was the “just result.”

He said “there is a reasonable inference to be drawn” that Smart may still be alive and that prosecutors never proved her death.

Commenting on the split verdict, Ruben Flores said the jurors who found his son guilty “were carried away by emotions around the family.”

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