Idaho murder update: Police shoot down more rumors as university ramps up security for returning students

Video shows mysterious man with slain Idaho students

Moscow police investigating the brutal stabbing deaths of four University of Idaho students have denied several rumors related to the killings.

In a Facebook post, police said a February 2022 death on Baker Street was unrelated to the homicide investigation.

They also ruled out reports that a red Mustang was being investigated.

Meanwhile, the university has stepped up security as students begin returning to the campus after the Thanksgiving break.

In an Instagram post, the university said, “Increased security will be in place for the remainder of the semester.”

It remains to be seen how many students will return — with no arrests and no suspects identified two weeks after the murders — the small community is still on edge.


The murder victim’s father says the police haven’t told him anything for several days

The grieving father of one of the four University of Idaho students murdered in a brutal knife attack has said he is “certainly concerned” about the investigation as he revealed he has had no contact with police in days.

Steve Goncalves said he last heard from police trying to catch Kaylee Goncalves’ killer around 10 p.m. 5pm Wednesday (November 23).

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Police acknowledge ‘sense of fear’

Police in Moscow have acknowledged there is a sense of fear in the community after four University of Idaho students were found murdered in their off-campus home on November 13.

In an update on Facebook on Sunday, police said: “We understand there is a sense of fear in our community.”

Police added that since November 13, they have received 78 calls for unusual circumstances and 36 requests to check on the welfare of relatives, up from 70 and 18 respectively in the whole of October.

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‘Increased’ security on the university campus

The University of Idaho has increased security on campus as students return from Thanksgiving break.

In an Instagram post, the university said, “Increased security will be in place for the remainder of the semester.”

In a news conference, university president Scott Green said: “We are making safety our top priority. We are also planning for the very real possibility that some students will not be comfortable returning to campus. We will do our best to meet the needs of all students. “


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The police dispel several rumours

Moscow police have shot down several rumors related to the brutal killings of four University of Idaho students on November 13.

In a Facebook post, police said a February 2022 death on Baker Street was unrelated to the homicide investigation.

They also ruled out reports that a red Mustang was being investigated.

Police have also urged the public to only rely on “approved” information released by the authorities to avoid inciting fear.

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The fundraiser will purchase personal alarms for over 1900 students

The former University of Idaho student who raised money to buy personal alarms for women in Moscow says she now has enough to equip more than 1,900 people.

In an interview with The independent, Kerry Uhlorn of Boise, Idaho said she had raised nearly $20,000 through a private Facebook group, which will buy 737 alarms for all women in the college’s sorority system and another 1,200 for any student who wants one.

The 37-year-old X-ray technician, who graduated from the University of Idaho in 2007, says she set out to buy just five or 10 alarms for members of her old sorority, Delta Gamma.

“I think after this event everyone just felt helpless. People didn’t know what to do and this effort has given them a tangible way to help,” Ms Uhlorn said.

The alarms, made by a company called She’s Birdy, make a loud noise and emit bright flashing lights when activated, which Ms Uhlorn hopes would be “enough to scare off a potential attacker or at least bring attention to the victim”. .

She added, “The hope is that these will give the students on campus a little sense of security, and also just let them know that their alumni and others are deeply interested in keeping them and the university that we love a safe space for them.

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‘Caller says her vehicle is blocked by reporters’

Some of the latest 911 calls to Moscow police testifies to the impact of the murder investigation itself, as well as the national media storm that has accompanied it.

“RP [reporting person] have concerns and questions about the media interfering in RP’s life and daily activities,” a public log of a Tuesday, Nov. 22, call reads.

Another log from the previous day says: “RP’s vehicle is blocked by caution tape. RP stated she is unable to leave due to the caution tape and reporters blocking the exits.”

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911 caller reports ‘suspicious man’ remove tip line posters

ONE 911 is calling in Moscow, police said they had seen a “suspicious” man walking around removing posters with information about a tip line last Tuesday.

It’s not clear exactly which tip line it was, but there’s a good chance it was the Moscow Police Department’s tip line at 208-883-7180, which has been announced in connection with this month’s murder.

Other citizens reported men or women screaming nearby, mysterious knocks on their doors and windows, alarming noises near their houses, and in one case returning to their house to find a bedroom door locked when no one else should have been at home.

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Idaho woman raises $19,000 to give students personalized alarms

A University of Idaho alumna has raised thousands of dollars to buy personal alarms for women on campus.

Kerry Uhlorna resident of Boise, Idaho, who was a member of Delta Gamma Sorority during her college days, said CREAM 2 that she was horrified by the murders and wanted to help.

According to CNNshe has now raised at least $19,000 to buy alarm keychains from a company called She’s Birdie, which make a loud noise and flash a bright light when activated.

Although she initially only set out to purchase alarms for each member of the university’s fraternity and sorority system, she received enough money to equip at least 900 other women as well.

She said she hoped the fundraiser would reassure students that “their community and alumni support them,” and give them a “small token [that will] hopefully bringing comfort and safety.”

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‘It’s definitely a different atmosphere’

University of Idaho students returning from Thanksgiving break have said the city is a different place since the killings.

“It definitely feels a little bit different,” Hayden Rich shared CNN. “It’s a slightly different vibe. It seems a bit sad. It’s a bit quiet.”

Another student, Ava Forsyth, said her roommate stayed home at night because she doesn’t feel safe, while she herself has used the campus security service when she went out at night.

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Witness claims ‘food truck man’ wanted to help victims get home

It’s worth investigating what happened at the Moscow food truck where Madison Mogen and Kaylee Goncalves were fed before their deaths, which has become a focus of online discussion.

Once again, police have said the man in a white hoodie seen interacting with the women at the food truck, dubbed “food truck man” on Reddit, is not a suspect.

A man called Joe Vidot claims to have witnessed this interaction and told he believed the man was “trying to help them get home safely”.

Sir. Vidot’s impression was that the man was “there to make sure they were safe” because they seemed “super drunk”. Admitting he didn’t know the man personally, he said: “I thought he was a solid guy. Believe me when I tell you his vibe wasn’t bad.”

Then a car pulled up and a man called out to the women, prompting them to “dig” the man. “I said, ‘bro, they’re going,'” Mr. Vidot said. “He said, ‘what the hell?’ And I said, ‘Sorry, bro’.”

Sir. Vidot said he was sober during this interaction.

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