Halloween skeleton torn from Texas farm in broad daylight caught on camera

It’s no mystery how a giant skeleton disappeared from the front yard of a home in Texas. The 14-foot skeleton was brazenly hijacked in broad daylight from a front yard in an Austin, Texas neighborhood.

The theft was caught on a neighbour’s surveillance camera in an owner-occupied flat at around 4.45pm on Saturday.

The footage shows a woman pulling up in a white SUV and slowly removing the creepy decoration. The person later pushes the severed skeleton into her vehicle and drives away.

Grazia Ruskin, the president of the HOA for the Austin Condominium Community, said her neighbor was the victim of the pre-Halloween theft and did not want to be identified.

Ruskin said the victims hope the security footage will lead to the identification of the shameless bone rustler. They are offering a $50 reward to anyone with information that will lead to the retrieval of the skeleton.

Halloween skeleton

The 14-foot skeleton was taken away in broad daylight.

Halloween skeleton

She pushes the skeleton into her SUV.


The owners of the skeleton hope it has returned before the Halloween season is over.

Anyone with information regarding the theft is asked to contact the neighborhood at oakshadowsatx@gmail.com.

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