Family members of Stockton homicide victims speak out

STOCKTON — A series of homicides in Stockton that occurred between July 8 and Sept. 27 are connected, the Stockton police chief says.

The announcement by Chief Darryl McFadden Friday afternoon confirmed that the killings fit the description of a serial killer.

“Our investigators have reviewed countless hours of video in the area,” Chief McFadden said.

Covered in head-to-toe black, this person identifies as a person of interest and confirms to CBS13 that the killings fit the description of a serial killer, but who is this figure? The police are not sure.

person of interest in five Stockton murders

Erik Howard

“We have no evidence to tell us if it’s one person, two or three. We have no video footage that captured a crime or a gun in anyone’s hand,” Chief McFadden continued.

Answers family members are desperate for – including Lorenzo Lopez’s older sister.

“My brother had a heart of gold,” said Lorenzo Lopez’s sister Cathy, who did not want to see the camera for fear her life might be in danger as well.

“Everybody out there on those streets stay in lighted areas. Don’t go out alone. Don’t go out late if you don’t have to,” Cathy said.

A sentiment shared by the mother of the first victim, 35-year-old Paul Yaw.

“I heard from a detective that my son’s case may be involved with a serial killer,” Greta Bogrow said.

We spoke to Paul’s mother Greta Bogrow, who currently lives in Texas, “I had a little breakdown … I was obviously shocked.”

We reached out to UC Hastings law professor John Myers to ask what defines a serial killer.

“It is usually defined as a series of related crimes usually committed by a person with severe psychological or pathological personality disorders.”

The link between homicides includes victims who were alone, in dimly lit areas, and were assaulted.

The Stockton Police Department has added evening patrols to prevent another homicide. They are asking anyone with information to call the tip line.

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