‘Daily Show’s’ Trevor Noah delivers passionate defense of John Fetterman

On The daily show On Wednesday night, Trevor Noah took to the John Fetterman interview that “has everyone talking” this week. And he made it very clear where he stands on the Democratic Senate candidate’s ability to serve the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania despite still not fully recovering from his stroke.

After playing an extended clip from the NBC News interview, in which Fetterman was open about the need to use a live closed captioning system to read the questions as the reporter asked them and could be seen stumbling over the word “empathetic,” Noah addressed them on the right—and elsewhere—saying this means he is “unfit” for the Senate.

While he understands that political figures will “pounce on any weakness” in their opponent, Noah said, “Let’s be real, folks: If stumbling over a word now and again disqualified you from politics, America wouldn’t have had a president for the past six years.” And as Fetterman paused to correct himself, the host joked that Biden “wouldn’t have noticed” and Trump “would have tried to convince us he got the word right.”

Noah also didn’t find Fetterman’s need to read captions a “deal breaker,” saying, “I think America needs more people in politics who actually know how to read,” as photos by Marjorie Taylor Greene and Herschel Walker appeared on the screen.

But the host’s most impassioned argument came when he explored what the “questions” about Fetterman’s health say about America’s attitudes toward disability more broadly.

“I’m not vouching for Fetterman over Dr. Oz or anything like that,” he insisted, “but I think this whole debate is moving into the territory of saying people with disabilities can’t be legislators, which is shit..”

And that’s especially true, Noah added, because America has disabled lawmakers in Congress right now, pointing to both Republicans like Dan Crenshaw, who lost an eye, and Democrats like Tammy Duckworth, who lost both her legs. “And Mitch McConnell, who literally melts all the time,” he joked. “But has he let that hold him back? Nobody!”

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