Case of four murdered Oklahoma men ‘very rare’: police chief

The puzzling case of the four murdered men whose dismembered bodies were dumped in an Oklahoma river is the first of its kind Okmulgee’s police chief has ever investigated.

Okmulgee County Police Chief Joe Prentice told Fox News on Wednesday that it is “very rare” for four grown men to go missing at the same time.

“Most missing person cases involve one person, so it’s rare. Very rare,” Prentice said. “I’ve worked 36 years in law enforcement and I’ve never heard of four grown men going missing at the same time.”

Mark Chastain, 32, his brother Billy Chastain, 30, Mike Sparks, 32, and Alex Stevens, 29, disappeared on October 9 after going on a bike ride to allegedly commit a crime, although police are not sure what the four had. planned. Officers found their bullet-riddled and dismembered bodies “sticking out of” the Deep Fork River five days later.

Person of interest and convicted felon Joe Kennedy was taken in for questioning on Tuesday after police found evidence of a “violent incident” that took place at a scrap yard he owned in the area. One of the victims’ phones last pinged in the salvage yard before they died, police said.

Police recovered a host of items from the scene that may or may not be related to the murders in “an abundance of caution,” Prentice said.

The police are searching the river for the missing men.
Officers found the men’s bodies in the Deep Fork River five days after they went missing.
News on the 6th

“We’re continuing to investigate, and it involves several things,” Prentice said. “We’re continuing to … sift through digital evidence, we’re still awaiting phone records that we served search warrants for, we’re interviewing potential witnesses and people who called in additional information, and any new leads that come in, we’re following up on them.”

Jessica Chastain, Mark’s grieving wife, told Fox23 that her toddler and 4-year-old daughter are struggling to understand why their father hasn’t come home.

“Even if they don’t understand, they can feel the grief … they feel something is going on,” Chastain said.

The widow feels convinced that the police will solve the gruesome mystery.

“I mean, they took my child’s father and my husband. Not just Mark, but they took other people’s families,” she said. “Eventually the truth will come out. Finally. We need justice for, not just Mark, but all of them.”

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