Biden slams ‘socialist Republicans’ for hypocrisy after asking for money they voted against

President Joe Biden on Friday lashed out at Republican members of Congress for repeatedly requesting federal funds for projects in their districts when they had voted against the very bills that had made the funds available to them.

Speaking at a Volvo engine plant in Hagerstown, Maryland, Mr. Biden called several GOP members by name while pointing out the hypocrisy of requesting funds from legislation they had tried to stop.

Referring to a CNN report that singled out Republicans who slammed the programs they sought to benefit from as “socialist,” Mr. Biden noted how one member — Representative Paul Gosar of Arizona — had three times written to the White House in search of funds for projects.

β€œHe has written three separate letters to the administration asking for projects in his district. He says it improves quality of life, it would ease congestion, boost the economy? He voted against it and said it’s all socialism,” Mr. Biden said.

Recalling another Republican member, Rep. Andy Barr of Kentucky, the president called his administration’s infrastructure legislation “the biggest socialist agenda.”

“Three different projects he wants, citing the importance of security and growth in his district. Socialism? I didn’t know there were so many socialist Republicans,” he said.

“Folks … You can’t make this up β€” I have to say I was surprised to see so many socialist Republicans in Congress,” Mr. Biden continued, later adding that a GOP victory in the November midterms would lead to the repeal of his landmark infrastructure law and the Inflation Reduction Act he signed over the summer.

“Folks, here’s the bottom line. If Republicans take control of Congress, these historic victories … for the American people will be taken away,” he said.

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