Alexandra Pelosi, Speaker Pelosi’s daughter, reveals footage of Jan. 6


WASHINGTON – The Jan. 6 hearing room fell silent as committee members, guests and reporters watched unprecedented footage of congressional leaders scrambling for help behind the scenes as an angry, armed mob smashed windows and infiltrated the Capitol.

Videos filmed by documentarian Alexandra Pelosi, daughter of Speaker Nancy Pelosi, showed Democrats making frantic calls, practically begging federal officials for help, while former President Donald Trump watched the violence unfold on television, according to video of witnesses who testified before the panel earlier at this time. year.

“I’m going to call the acting secretary of DOD,” Sen. Chuck Schumer, DN.Y., said on Jan. 6, 2021, as he punched numbers on a phone to call Acting Defense Secretary Christopher Miller.

Congressional leaders also called Acting Attorney General Jeff Rosen and the governors of Maryland and Virginia.

Minutes of the hearing on 6 January: Panel subpoenas Trump, new video of Pelosi shows as mob attacked

“Pretend it’s the Pentagon,” Pelosi pleaded on the phone as rioters chased her through the halls of the Capitol and broke into her office. “Pretend it was the White House.”

The leader of the Democratic House was only concerned that day to confirm Joe Biden’s election victory.

“We have to get — end the case — or they will get complete victory,” she said, referring to the armed mob that broke into the Capitol.

That process was delayed for hours.

As the situation outside the Capitol and in its halls grew more serious, Pelosi’s comments changed with the moment.

“They’re breaking windows and going in and obviously searching our offices and everything else. It’s nothing,” Pelosi said. “The concern we have for personal safety just trumps everything.”


Hearing Jan. 6: Panel subpoenas Trump, shows new footage

On January 6, the committee released a video of former President Trump allies suggesting he planned to contest unfavorable election results.

Scott L. Hall, USA TODAY

The Democrats were joined in the video by Republican Representative Steve Scalise and Sens. Mitch McConnell and John Thune. Together they called the Defense Department and asked for troops to be deployed to the Capitol.

“We need them there now, whoever you have,” Schumer said.

Additional footage from Alexandra Pelosi will air on CNN at 8pm Thursday.

Trump Subpoena: House January 6 committee subpoenas former President Donald Trump

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